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Productronica India 2023: RETHINK & REVAMP
Productronica India 2023: RETHINK & REVAMP
September 27, 2023

In an impressive collaboration, JTU and GKG made a significant impact at Productronica India 2023, held at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore from September 13 to September 15. We participated in this prestigious electronics manufacturing exhibition, which provided a valuable platform to showcase our latest innovations and cutting-edge technology.

The event witnessed the unveiling of several remarkable products, each setting new industry standards. JTU proudly presented our state-of-the-art Conformal Coating Machine, while GKG showcased their latest addition, the Ultra-Precision Printer G-Tera. Additionally, the event featured GKG's award-winning best-selling printer, the G-Titan, and the versatile Multi-Function Dispenser D-Vis.

  • JTU C Series Conformal Coating Machine: Unexpectedly gaining the most attention, our advanced conformal coating machine promises precision, consistency, and reliability in protecting electronics from environmental factors.
  • GKG G-Tera Ultra-Precision Printer: The G-Tera redefines high-accuracy printing for electronic components, setting new industry standards.
  • GKG G-Titan Award-Winning Best-Selling Printer: Our G-Titan's enduring popularity and award-winning status speak to its reliability, efficiency, and ability to meet the demands of electronics manufacturing.
  • GKG D-Vis Versatile Multi-Function Dispenser with In-House Valve: Versatile and feature-rich, our D-Vis dispenser caters to a wide range of dispensing applications, offering flexibility and user-friendliness.

Productronica India 2023 served as a bustling hub of innovation, bringing together industry professionals, enthusiasts, and potential clients from across the electronics manufacturing spectrum. Our booth was a focal point, attracting a steady stream of visitors throughout the exhibition. This high level of engagement highlighted our commitment to delivering solutions that align with the ever-evolving needs in the industry.

At JTU and GKG, our dedication to innovation, quality, and meeting industry demands shines through our cutting-edge solutions. Our presence at Productronica India 2023 perfectly encapsulated the essence of "RETHINK & REVAMP" as we unveiled ground-breaking innovations poised to reshape the landscape of electronics manufacturing. The collaborative showcase left a lasting impression on attendees, underscoring our unwavering dedication to pushing the envelope of technological advancement within the industry.

Thank you for dropping by our booth. See you next time!

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