◆ JTU Solder Paste Management

The comprehensive JTU SS Series Solder Paste Management gives a fully automated all-in-one solution to manage your solder paste. 


Now, it's time to say goodbye to wastage and challenging management issues with the following features:


 ► All-In-One System (Refrigeration, Thawing & Stirring)

► Quality Assurance 

► Full Traceability

Solder paste management





JTU SS Series Solder Paste Management solves the traditional challenges faced in solder paste storage such as tracking difficulties and degraded paste quality.


  •  All-In-One Fully Automatic System
  •  24/7 Activity Traceability
  •  Intelligent Inventory Management
  •  FIFO Mechanism


SS Series guarantees a Continuous & High-Quality Supply of solder paste for your production needs!


Standard features

Refrigeration Temperature
1 - 10°C (Uniformity ± 3°C)
Thawing Temperature
18 - 28°C (Room temperature)
Stirring Capacity
Half jar, 1 jar or 2 jars simultaneously
All-In-One Fully Automatic System
Standardized refrigeration, thawing and stirring processes through automation.
Intelligent Inventory Management System
Auto replenishment and low stock alert to ensure continuous supply.


MES customization (i4.0)
Customize to link up with customer's MES system

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