◆ JTU Vertical Oven

The in-line HCZ Series Vertical Oven minimizes the heat loss, human intervention & provides consistent process control.


It is the perfect solution for:

► Underfill curing

 ► Encapsulant curing

HCZ Series Vertical Oven

Optional Features

Customizable sizes
  • Other sizes can be customized
Barcode scanning software
  • Scan PCB barcode for tracking purpose
  • Only software without scanner
MES software (i4.0)
  • Track & record the parameters of the production
Double indexing for 2 PCBs in each level
  • For smaller PCBs, higher productivity
  • Maximum PCB length < 125 mm for HCZ-250
  • Maximum PCB length < 200 mm for HCZ-400
Preheating conveyor
  • 1 meter conveyor
  • IR heating
  • Top & bottom heating
Nitrogen inert gas ready
  • Ensure no trace of other gases in the system

* JTU reserves the right to make any changes concerning design or specification without notice to customers due to continuous improvement.


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