◆ Technical Support

We provide user-friendly assistance for clients having technical issues, monitoring and troubleshooting problems related to our products. Even though we are entirely confident in our products, we believe that it can never be wrong to have a strong technical support team so as to cater to unforeseen circumstances. We put faith equally in product quality and service excellence. Being geographically sound, especially in S.E.A., we are confident in delivering solutions within a reduced time span, as compared to our competitors.

◆ Spare Parts Support

We are fully aware that spare parts play a crucial role and there would be times where machines become erroneous due to unexpected malfunction of spare parts. We are proud to say that on top of technical support, we do provide warranty for majority of our machines spare parts. We try our best to work together with our customers to enable operation efficiency, keeping production line operating at peak performance. We have a full range of spare parts to keep your systems up and running. Thus, rectifying issues in a timely manner. Bringing losses and inefficiency to the minimal.

◆ Training & Demo Centre

To complement our service quality and excellence, we have training and demonstration centers situated not only at our HQ but also at majority of our branch offices. Our highly experience trainer would perform the know-hows and the do-and-don’ts of our products. To be fully effective, demonstration would be accompanied by discussions as we believe that learning can be improved with involvement and conceptualization. We will focus on the critical aspects and use of examples, to explain the operation flow.

◆ Used Machines

With our proven track records in excellent products and services that we are providing, there will definitely be a combination that will suit your budget and needs, be it a new start up or replacement plan. We provide and acquire used machines at a competitive rate with corresponding performances. We also offer trade-in of customer’s existing/surplus equipment in pursuit of upgrading of technology.

◆ Fabrication House

We have a fabrication house that specializes in Design and Development, Automation, Parts Fabrication and Part Modification, Assembly Machinery Equipment and Rework Station. We acquire a wide range of equipment and facilities to support our customers' needs in their process, such as pallets, jigs, fixtures, parts, custom-made tools and accessories.

◆ Sourcing

We offer our customers one-stop solution services. During times when our customers or partners need to source for replacement parts or get an alternate source of supplies, we would gladly extend our reach as an value added services. Feel free to contact us without any obligation and we pledge to do our best to find you the best offer available through our available business network.

◆ Business Networking

With globalization emerging rapidly in the recent decades, business networking has been seen as one of the best means of way to discover sales opportunities and contacts based on recommendations and introductions. It is a highly-sought after low-cost marketing method, generating high returns. By maintaining good lines of communications and developing connections, businesses will be able to share and bring together the best resources and individuals. It helps to cultivate strong feeling of trust between those involved and plays a big part in raising the profile of a company.

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