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JTU (Thailand) Co. Ltd Private Show 2019
JTU (Thailand) Co. Ltd Private Show 2019
October 11, 2019

 On the 25th and 26th of September 2019, a private show was held in JTU (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Though it was the first official event organized by the team in Thailand, we managed to attract 20 companies (65 people in total) to visit us.

GKG Screen Printer (GL-Star), GKG Multi-function Dispenser (D-Sniper), JTU Selective Coating Machine (jCOAT-X3), Sonotek Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer (EZ-Flux), Keli PCB Router (KL-3500DW) and Tozai Nozzle Cleaner (TNW-X12A) were displayed. Most of the machines went live to offer better experience to customers.

“I didn’t know JTU actually offers a wide range of machines”, commented by one of the customers. With the feedback, we are pleased to say that the event objective of introducing JTU to customers has been achieved. Besides, the direct interaction with them was priceless and we are delighted that the conversations brought us closer.

To spice up the event further, we invited a talented artist to sketch for the visitors while they were easing up. The recreation session was designated to create a lively and relaxed atmosphere. Not only the drawings were brought home, we hope the earnestness be felt.  

Together with the support from our partner, GKG Asia, the event was a great success. It’s been a blast! Of course not forgetting to say ‘Khob khun kha’ to our valuable customers (SVI, Salom, Fuji Electric, UTAC, CY Tech, SEC, TPP, Y-DEC, Katata, Wichita Dyanamic, Hamasho, Asian Stanley, Thai Nippon, Primus, L&E, Benchmark, Fuji, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Wintech) who took time out of their busy schedule to visit us. Some even drove for 3 hours to join us. Everyone of you have our gratitude!

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