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September 21, 2023

The sparks of NEPCON Vietnam 2023 delighted us last week! The NEPCON international electronics exhibition held from 6th to 8th September at I.C.E. Hanoi was an incredibly fruitful show for JTU and our close partner GKG Asia. Together we embrace the theme “RETHINK AND REVAMP”, to retrospect the conventional electronics manufacturing process and drive a revolution with leading-edge technologies.

Visitors expressed their high interest in all the precision machines showcased in the NEPCON exhibition. With our proposition One-Man-Operation (OMO) in conformal coating solution C3, the concept accelerates production transformation with Industry 4.0. Pallets are running on the conveyor at all times to maximize the production output and reduce manual handling. The multi-function high-speed dispenser D-Vis also caters to various types of in-house valves and controllers to satisfy diverse needs in the production line.

Precision is our language of professionalism. G-Titan highlighted by its high printing accuracy and Optimum Paste Control (OPC) function successfully captivates the attention of international visitors to build a highly efficient manufacturing line. Alongside the G-Titan, GKG showcased the multi-substrate screen printer R1, which offers high adaptability and advanced functionality to meet the requirements of modern electronic assembly.

To further excite the event, awarding mysterious prizes were prepared for our loyal patrons and NEPCON visitors. We were completely overwhelmed by the warmth and enthusiasm of the Vietnamese through their active participation in the lucky draw session. This was definitely a memorable experience for everyone at this fair.

Last but not least, a special thanks shoutout to JTU and GKG teams in Vietnam who made the exhibition a great success! The exhibition was a valuable opportunity for our visitors to reassess their current process and explore breakthrough technologies for an industrial revolution, achieving our theme “Rethink & Revamp” in this show.

Thank you for visiting us. See you again!

Check out our video for a quick recap:

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