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Desaru Trip 2019
Desaru Trip 2019
December 30, 2019

On the 27th and 28th of December 2019, JTU staff in Singapore, Malaysia, Batam, as well as GKG Asia members had a 2-day-1-night retreat in Desaru, Malaysia. As the management understands, supports and promotes the idea of work-life balance, we put in effort in organizing this year-end team building event for a short getaway from stresses.

In the first day morning, everyone was full of beans and excited for the upcoming activities. The first activity we had to warm up our bodies was ATV riding. During the ride, we also had a glance at the fruit farm with various types of fruits from A to Z. (P.S. Oh, we got free sunshine vitamin during the ride too!)

After refueling our bellies with tons of fruits and food, we were all ready for paintball (P.S. Yes, “pain” ball indeed.) war games. It is crucial to understand and obey the safety rules before the war starts.

And, it’s time to enter the battlefield and blow the opponents out of the water! The war game which required body strength, brain power and team dynamic totally exhausted us, nevertheless we took a short break to refuel and proceeded to the next activity.

This high rope activity frightened many of us at first. However, with the encouragement from the team and the instructor, every single one of us managed to conquer this challenge. The Managing Director of JTU Pte Ltd, Mr Jack Wong commented, “With the accomplishment, now, we are more confident.” This activity truly built confidence in us and taught us the importance of having faith in our teammates.

At night, we ate, drank, sang, danced and laughed together. This trip provided us a chance to savour the vast wilderness. This year-end retreat was one of the ways to show appreciation of the staff’s contribution to the company. It was also an opportunity to allow our staff from different branches to get know each other and to build closer bonding among work mates in a more relaxing and interesting approach. All in all, this day is to be remembered. (P.S. Please cue the company song “Day and night, we fly side by side~~~”.)

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